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Rules & Regulations

Basic Information

  1. 4D can be bought on every Tue(special), Wed, Sat and Sun before 5pm.
  2. Special draws(Tue) will only held in certain week. Please visit us frequently to know which week has the special draws.
  3. You can talk to us via Facebook messenger. Go and like our Facebook here.
  4. We accept 4D, 3D, 2D, 5D Jackpot and 6D Jackpot.
  5. The minimum bet amount is RM1.00.
  6. For number that already sold out, you will get refunded. Please check your receipt after purchased.
  7. Payment will be made within 24 till 48 hours.

Game Rules

  1. Draw result will appear on our homepage. The result are all from official company.
  2. Each board will have 23 numbers. Ranking from first, second, third each and followed by 10 specials numbers and 10 consolations numbers. You may check out the home page for latest result.
  3. Each prize will have different payout rate.
    Eg: first prize payout is RM2,875. If you bought RM5, you will get
    5 × RM2,875 = RM14,375!
    Please refer to our prizes payout for more detail.
  4. We have two types of bets, Big and Small. If you bought RM1 on Big, the first prize payout is RM2,875. If you bought RM1 on Small, the first prize payout is RM4025.
    However, Small only matching with First, Second and Third prizes.
    Eg: You bought a number "7777" RM1 (Small), and the result on tonight has a number of "7777" on Specials prize, you won't get the prize.
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